Buying a car, whether new or used, is a huge investment. The sale of used cars has increased over the past years because it's a great way to save money. People also like buying used cars because the purchasing process is quick and less complicated. However, people still make mistakes that lead to huge losses and inconveniences when buying used cars. To give you a heads-up, here are the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying a used car.

1. Not Conducting Proper Research

One of car buyers' biggest mistakes when buying a used car is failing to conduct research. Failure to conduct research can make you pay the wrong price or buy the wrong model. According to, nearly 60% of care buyers will research vehicle options online before buying a car. Search used cars online and dive deeper into the type of car you want to buy. Learn more about it and its second-hand prices in the market.

2. Skipping the Test Drive

A good percentage of used car buyers often skip the test drive. Don't be one of them. Failure to do a test drive when you buy a car from a used car dealer puts you at risk of buying a faulty car. Test if the brakes, indicators, and turn signals are working properly. Examine the car's body for rust and dents. Check if the windshield is in good condition. Doing a test drive will help you make the best purchase decision.

3. Ignoring the Car's History Report

Many used car buyers forget to evaluate the vehicle's history report after buying a used car. Ask for the vehicle's history report from your used car dealer. Running a vehicle history report is important in checking previous accidents, car problems, and the number of prior owners. Don't buy a car with an unsatisfactory vehicle history report.

4. Buying a Used Car Based on Looks

It's a big mistake to buy a used car based on looks alone. It would be best to consider why you need a car before buying one. This will help you buy a used car that suits your purpose, needs, and preferences.

When buying a used car, making these mistakes can lead to huge losses and regrets. Working with a reputable used car dealer like Michael's Auto Plaza will help you buy a good used car. We are your go-to used car dealer if you want to buy a used car or have any questions concerning used cars.

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